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Dedicated openGUTS courses

Regular GUTS courses. Starting on October 2019, we will be providing a regular 2-day course in Wageningen (The Netherlands) on using GUTS in risk assessment of plant protection products. This course will apply the openGUTS standalone software (and the Matlab prototype if there is a specific interest). Download the flyer.

Target audience. This course aims at professionals interested in applying GUTS for the authorisation of plant protection products (PPPs):
  • Consultants and business representatives working for industry and/or consulting agencies who apply GUTS for dossiers (evaluation, preparation and submission).
  • Scientists performing research on TKTD modelling with interest in GUTS applications in risk assessment.
  • Regulators working for admission authorities who evaluate dossiers containing GUTS applications or are in general interested in an improved link between exposure and effects.
Content & Result. The course focuses on the application of GUTS models for assessing the risk of plant-protection products (PPP) under time-variable exposure in aquatic systems. GUTS is the accepted toxicokinetic-toxicodynamic approach for the endpoint survival. The theory behind GUTS models will be introduced and course participants will learn how to use the latest implementation of the GUTS models in openGUTS; a user-friendly standalone software. Furthermore, they will practice assessing the results and learn how to interpret them. Hands-on exercises include model calibration and validation, and model predictions in consideration of the recommendations given by EFSA. Participants should at least hold a Bachelor degree or similar in natural sciences, and have some experience with the use of models, preferably in risk assessment.

Practical information.
Location: Wageningen, The Netherlands (we will arrange a shuttle service from the train station Ede-Wageningen)
Dates: 16, 17 and 18 October 2019 (starting the afternoon of the 16th, ending after the morning of the 18th)
Course leader: Dr Andreas Focks (Wageningen Environmental Research)
Lecturers: Dr Roman Ashauer (Syngenta) and Dr Tjalling Jager (DEBtox research)
Maximum number of participants: 30

Course fee: €1950,- (no charge of VAT) and covers tuition, course materials, coffee/tea, lunches, 2 dinners.
Employees of an admission authority/university can apply for a reduced course fee of €1500,-.
Traveling and accommodation costs are not included.
A few places at a strongly reduced fee are available for PhD students, please contact the course leader for more information.

Registration: please register through this Google form: Registration and payment is handled by Wageningen UR.

On-site GUTS courses. Apart from the 2-day open course in Wageningen, we also intend to offer the course on-site at your offices. This may be an interesting option for authorities or industries that have more employees that need to be familiarised with the model and the software. We are still thibking about the format and the pricing for this option, but you may contact Tjalling Jager (see email at the bottom of this page) to discuss this.

Other interesting courses and events

  • Sandrine Charles organises an extensive winter school 6-10 January 2020 (in Lyon, France) focussing on ecotox effect models in a broader sense.
  • We intend to organise the Summerschool on TKTD modelling again in 2020, likely in a slightly different format from the previous runs. Information on the previous runs of this course.

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