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On-line short course

On-line open
GUTS short course. Roman Ashauer and Tjalling Jager have provided an on-line half-day short course on the openGUTS software at the virtual SETAC Europe in May 2020. Since SETAC was virtual that year, we also had the course on-line, with a mixture of on-demand lectures, homework exercises, and plenary video sessions. Tjalling has turned this material into a publicly-available on-line short course at Leanpub: This version does not include interaction with the instructors (so it is completely DIY), but we have added some quizzes to test your skills with openGUTS. Note that this course is not free, though it is cheap, and you can simply obtain a no-questions-asked refund from Leanpub if you think the course was not worth its price.

Dedicated openGUTS course

Regular GUTS courses. Since the release of the first version of openGUTS, we have had the intention to provide a regular, commercial course on using GUTS in risk assessment of plant protection products. This course should apply the openGUTS standalone software, and possibly the Matlab version as well, if there is a specific interest. So far, however, our intentions have been thwarted by various issues (a.o., job changes and the corona crisis), and, we must admit, interest in such a course has not been overwhelming. Therefore, at the moment, these ideas are on hold. We have been contemplating various formats, such as an open course on a teaching location, non-open courses on-site (e.g., at a regular authorities or companies premises), or an on-line interactive course. We do love to hear about your course wishes! If you are interested in an openGUTS course, please contact Tjalling Jager (DEBtox Research) by email (also see email address at the bottom of this page), and tell us what you would like to see in terms of courses. Given sufficient interest, we'll pick this up again, and keep you posted if we have more concrete plans.

Other interesting courses and events

  • We have organised the Summerschool on TKTD modelling again in 2021, in a different format to the previous runs, and in late autumn. Information on (previous runs of) this course. (information about upcoming rounds of the course will be provided on the linked page)
  • Training course on GUTS modelling: from the theory to the practice. 7-8 June 2022, on-line. More information. This course will focus on using MOSAIC and hence analysis in the Bayesian context.
  • ...

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